Amy Millan – Masters Of The Burial

September 13, 2009

mastersoftheburialMeant to evoke nocturnal wanderings of the mind as one prepares to go to sleep, Amy Millan’s second solo album, Masters Of The Burial, is appropriately moody, melancholy and occasionally oddly hopeful. Loss, getting lost and letting go are all themes visited and revisited in the 11 tracks included here, which are a mix of original songs and covers. Musically, county is obviously a primary influence on Masters Of The Burial, but Millan also weaves in folk and pop as well, and makes the most of string and horn sections that appear, sometimes in very subtle ways, on some of the songs. Front and center, however, is her gorgeous, evocative voice, one of my favorites in contemporary indie pop. This is a beautiful, elegantly crafted album, and definitely recommended. Standout cuts: “Bruised Ghosts,” “Old Perfume,” “Bury This” and “Run For Me.”


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