Taken By Trees – East Of Eden

September 18, 2009

takenbytreeseastEast Of Eden, the second album from Taken By Trees, the solo project of Victoria Bergsman, may be a short album with 9 tracks clocking in just over 32 minutes, but it packs a pretty powerful wallop by its conclusion. The core material of the album was recorded over a six day period in Pakistan with the help of local musicians. It’s an almost perfectly conceived set of moody acoustic indie pop augmented, enhanced and sometimes transformed by the contributions of the musicians with which Bergsman collaborated. In the middle of the record Bergsman has also placed two non-English language tracks, one in Swedish and the other a Pakistani track called “Wapas Karna,” and follows those up with an inspired cover of the Animal Collective song “My Girls,” here entitled “My Boys.” It ends on a lovely note with the instrumental “Bekännelse,” which preserves the ambient noises of its original recording session, including what sounds like the shout of a child at the very beginning. East Of Eden will certainly take its place as one of the most memorable indie pop records of the year. Standout cuts: “To Lose Someone,” “Watch The Waves,” “Greyest Love Of All” and “My Boys.”



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