Mika – The Boy Who Knew Too Much

September 27, 2009

boywhoknewtoomuchThe Boy Who Knew Too Much, the second album from UK singer/songwriter Mika, is a pretty obvious bid for pop star supremacy, and judged as such, I think it may end up working out pretty well for Mika. The opener, the class conscious first single, “We Are Golden,” sets the tone immediately: It’s big, bold music, polished to a high gloss, and the song by itself sounds like the theme song to the kind of high school musical you only wish had been made. Mika describes himself thusly:

“Think Beck via Queen and Elton John and a touch of Rufus W[ainwright]. Would love to blab about Harry Nilsson but I fear no one will know what I’m talking about… but if you do, you’ll know what I mean.”

It’s a pretty apt description, though I might add that one of Mika’s strong appeals, apart from his killer instinct for a pop hook, is his extravagantly powerful voice, often rightfully compared to Freddie Mercury. The best material on The Boy Who Knew Too Much appears on the first half of the album, and I say this because I enjoy his uptempo songs more than his downtempo, though this is purely a matter of taste, as he can handle a ballad like nobody’s business, too. So it’s clear I like this record, but will you like Mika’s brand of pop music? Try out the first single, “We Are Golden,” and if you are hooked, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll enjoy The Boy Who Knew Too Much. Standout cuts: “We Are Golden,” “Blame It On The Girls,” “Rain” and “I See You.”



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