placebobattleforthesunAfter making a couple of albums in a row that I really enjoyed, UK band Placebo plateaus with their first release since leaving Virgin Records, Battle For The Sun. Whereas the band has previously combined industrial, electronica and other dance influences with punk and glam rock with some biting, sardonic lyrics, Battle For The Sun feels more like a straight ahead rock album, minus the sardonic point of view. In fact, for Placebo, anyway, it’s downright ordinary, which makes for an uneven, mostly disappointing record. That said, the second half of the album picks up quite a lot, with tracks like “Speaking In Tongues,” “The Never Ending Why,” “Happy You’re Gone” and “Come Undone.” All in all, it’s not a bad album exactly, but it is my least favorite of their records, and I definitely hope it isn’t a harbinger of Placebo things to come.