Los Angeles based band Dengue Fever’s third album, Venus On Earth, mixes 1960’s Cambodian rock with some psychedelia, surf music, jazz, and a lot of lounge a la Esquivel. There’s also a really cool Farfisa organ humming through most of the tracks, all of it combined making for an intoxicating, sometimes a bit hallucinatory but always pleasing sound, with vocals by lead singer Chhom Nimol mostly in her native Khmer. (On a couple of songs, i.e. “Tiger Phone Card” and “Sober Driver,” she trades vocals with guitarist Zac Holtzman.) I’m not sure what exactly to call Dengue Fever’s music, as there doesn’t seem to be a catch all term, but it’s exotic, danceable fun and anything but run of the mill rock and roll. Standout cuts: “Seeing Hands,” “Tiger Phone Card,” “Laugh Track” and “Mr. Orange.”