thetwilightsadScottish band the Twilight Sad’s music is so heavy and searing that at times they sound like what Nine Inch Nails might’ve sounded like had they pursued folk rock instead of electronic music. Labeling them a folk rock band is maybe somewhat misleading, as they are much more rock than folk, evidenced by the droning guitars that dominate a good number of their songs, reminiscent both of the Wall of Sound and of Sonic Youth’s guitar jams. Perhaps a more descriptive label would be something like folk metal, Sunn 0))) going all Richard Thompson-like, or vice versa. However you choose to label it, Forget The Night Ahead is intelligent, intense and unsentimental music that nevertheless produces moments of rough hewn beauty and grace that arise out of all that heaviness. There’s no one quite like them, and they shouldn’t be missed. Standout cuts: “Reflection Of The Television,” “I Became A Prostitute,” “Made To Disappear” and “The Room.”