iceageIf you’re a fan of this popular franchise, or have kids in your life that are, odds are you’ve already seen this third and latest entry. It’s already a huge hit, with a worldwide gross closing in on $250 million as of this writing. So this review isn’t really aimed at you, but rather the viewers who are interested in the 3D aspect of it, like I was. (My dad and six-year-old nephew hadn’t seen a 3D movie before, and though I would have preferred to see Up, which is the superior movie, Ice Age was the only game in town.) I haven’t seen the other Ice Age films, but I didn’t feel I was seeing the crucial third film in the trilogy, where all the unanswered questions from the other two films finally get answered. No, it’s just the continuing adventures of an unconventional herd (read: “family”) of prehistoric mammals and the other creatures they encounter (voiced by Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, and Simon Pegg, among others). It’s pretty mild, even tiresome stuff at first, though when they enter a subterranean lost world filled with dinosaurs, the movie really kicks into gear. The climatic scenes are often spectacular visually, made more so by some pretty thrilling use of 3D, so if you’re in it for the 3D, these sequences make it worth seeing. Also, Pegg as a possibly insane weasel who guides the herd through the lost world on a mission to save their friend is often hilarious. A great movie? No, not even close, but pretty entertaining once it gets past a pretty slow start.


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