breedersFirst release in six years from the Breeders (Kelley Deal, Kim Deal, Jose Medeles and Mando Lopez) has the majority of its strongest material weighted towards the first half of the 11 song, 36 minute album, basically tracks 2 through 5: “Bang On,” “Night Of Joy,” “We’re Gonna Rise” and “German Studies.” Though there are some spirited noise pop tracks, “Bang On” and “German Studies” in particular, longtime listeners looking to hear something along the lines of “Cannonball,” the Last Splash tune that established them as a major band in the 90’s, are probably going to be disappointed. Most of the album feels very low key, moody and atmospheric, and while there’s some good stuff to be found here, some moments of real beauty and invention, I also felt there was a certain level of uniformity that afflicted the album, especially during the second half. I wanted Mountain Battles to rock out a bit more, if not like “Cannonball” then maybe like “Huffer” on Title TK, but then it’s maybe unwise to judge an album based on what I’d prefer it to be, rather than what it is and on its own merits. So I will recommend this album, especially to Breeders fans, with the observation that Mountain Battles is much more quiet than loud.