Peasant – On The Ground

February 26, 2009

peasantUpon listening to On The Ground, the new album from Peasant (Damien DeRose), comparisons can be made to artists like Neil Young, Elliott Smith, the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel, which are apt, but still fall a bit short of properly conveying what the 13 tracks contained here really sound like. There’s a lot of folk rock, to be sure, with influences from both the 60’s American folk scene and the English folk scene of the 70’s. Peasant proceeds to layer some strings on top of that, along with some Americana and a bit of an early 70’s pop feel as well. Many of the tracks are relaxed, easy going affairs, but On The Ground nevertheless keeps the pace fast, as Peasant’s songs are often compact pieces, many of them two to three minutes tops. It must be difficult to stand out in a folk rock scene that’s becoming increasingly crowded, but Peasant manages it with a knack for a catchy melody, a soothing vocal style and lyrics that are simple, direct and unpretentious. On The Ground is very much recommended, especially for folk and folk rock fans. Standout cuts: “We’re Good,” “Raise Today,” “Exposure” and “Birds.”