horrorsprimarycoloursPrimary Colours, the new album from UK based the Horrors, begins and ends quietly, but the rest of the album is filled with the droning, cavernous roar of guitars and the piercing wails and washes of keyboards and synthesizers. Hovering over, and sometimes inside, the roar are lead singer Faris Badwan’s vocals, which evoke Peter Murphy and Ian Curtis. It’s part Goth, part punk, part shoegaze and part Wall of Sound fired rock (the latter quality is especially notable on the current single “Who Can Say”). The album is on such an epic scale that it constantly bumps up against the absurd, but never takes a fall into it, mostly owing to the supreme confidence with which the whole proceedings are charged. You know from the opening moments if this album is for you, and once you’re drawn in, it’s hard to set it aside. Easily, their best work yet. Standout cuts: “Who Can Say,” “Scarlet Fields,” “Primary Colours” and “Sea Within A Sea.”