Antibes, France based M83’s new album, Saturdays = Youth is an ambitious, sweeping paean to youth, with all its attendant happiness, sadness, excesses and grand gestures, all self-seriousness, drama, sexuality, naiveté, and idealism intact. The music sounds like a collaboration between My Bloody Valentine, the Jesus and Mary Chain and the Cocteau Twins, shimmering guitar pop on an epic scale with ambient and often decidedly 80’s style electronic flourishes. It’s a lovely, often joyous work with moments of sweetness that border on the syrupy, but never quite cross over. Saturdays = Youth ends on an appropriately introspective note with the 11 minute ambient piece, “Midnight Souls Still Remain.” Standout cuts: “Kim & Jessie,” “Graveyard Girls,” “Couleurs” and “We Own The Sky.”