whispertown2000The second album from Los Angeles based band the Whispertown 2000 is also the first release for Gillian Welch’s new label Acony Records, and it’s a eccentric, ingratiating and often surprising hybrid of country, rock and psychedelic folk, with a now familiar mix of sunny musical surfaces and dark lyrical undercurrents. The first half of the album is dominated by easygoing folky pop, with a lot of acoustic guitars and the kind of vocal harmonizing that characterizes the record as a whole. The album takes a left turn into psychedelic territory midway with “Erase The Lines” and pretty much stays there, at least until the country rock ballad closer, “Mountain.” Morgan Nagler’s frequently eccentric lead vocals may be a matter of taste for some listeners, but fans of adventurous indie pop will want to check Swim out. Standout cuts: “Done With Love,” “Pushing The Oars,” “Erase The Lines” and “Lock And Key.”